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“I have suffered from chronic eczema over the last decade. Over this time I have exhausted many different treatments from my local GP, dermatology and allergy specialists and various holistic practitioners with no result. By the time I found Juan at the North Shore Health and Acupuncture Clinic I had nearly given up hope and was very dubious about any health professional. However, Juan instantly made me feel at ease and treated me with obvious compassion, caring and professionalism. For the first time in eight years I noticed an improvement in my eczema and it has continued to improve over my treatments. I would highly recommend Juan from North Shore Health and Acupuncture and I will definitely continue to use her services into the future.”

Rachael Maddox – 05/02/2013

“Be pain free… See Dr Li! In May last year, being a fit and healthy 56yr old, I saw no reason why I couldn’t shovel concrete for about an hour. I was wrong. When I woke the following morning, the pain in my wrist felt like an electric shock. I couldn’t use my right hand without intense stabs of pain. It was diagnosed as De Quervain’s tenosynovitis. After anti-inflammatories and specialist physiotherapy, I had an injection of cortizone into the tendon. It worked initially, but the pain returned 3 months later. My GP referred me to a surgeon. Wanting to avoid surgery, I saw Dr Li. As soon as I met her, I was amazed at her genuine desire to help me. The pain was reduced dramatically after each treatment, and after 12 sessions, the problem resolved . Apart from being such a wonderful practitioner, Dr Li is a delightful person. She will treat you with kindness and compassion. Highly recommended.”

Jay Bramley – 15/06/2013

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